What to Wear With That Hair

We are excited to announce our new blog series called "What to Wear With That Hair." We will be featuring fabulous outfits with great hair style ideas to accompany them. Because it's Saturday we have to discuss weekend style! Kate Spade's new line "Saturday" couldn't be more of a perfect fit.

Liz Schneider of Sequins and Stripes has the perfect Kate Spade Saturday outfits that we can't help but share with you. Her dress is adorable and bright, which is perfect for a summer evening. Also, did we mention it is Pink and Orange? Blow by Blow's colors! Her hair looks effortless but fun. We recommend using Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Spray. This will help you achieve the great texture that Liz has in her summer beach waves. As the Kate Spade mantra goes...Lets make every day a Saturday! Have a great (hair) weekend!